Flexible Ways to Learn while at Home

Designed for our students during this period of epidemic, He University pride itself with providing flexible online learning and self-paced formats that will work around same schedule as that of the classroom setting with a scheduled online class from Monday, March 9, 2020.
In addition to the usual course materials such as video lectures, reading material, coursework and tests, we provide forums that help students and lecturers build an online community studying from home.
Our online lecture offer the best of studies affording students the flexibility and autonomy of self-guided online study without forcing them to miss out on the social and collaborative learning atmosphere of the traditional classroom. Programs are structured for independent study, allowing students to absorb information and complete assignments at their own pace.
Keeping our students learning like this does them all manner of good. It minimizes disruption to their routines, which can cause them so much stress and builds resiliency by showing them that threats can be managed through rational, well-thought-out preparation and action.
We encourage everyone to continue good health practices that minimize the possibility of virus spread.




“My lecturers are awesome. They are patient and really explaine the materials to my understanding. They are willing to work with students if they need assistance, specially my Chinese language lecturer Luci laoshi.”