A place of infinite opportunities

He University has formed a well structured, multi-level educational pattern for Undergradute and Postgraduate Studies in terms of International education, and furthermore Continuing Education.


Our majors for Undergraduate studies which are open to International students currently, include Clinical Medicine (MBBS), Optometric Medicine & Ophthalmoloty, Optometry and Nursing. We also offer graduate degrees in Ophthalmology and Public Health.


The University embraces new technologies in a very dynamic cross- discipline which has contributed massively to the creation of a Technological Campus. We are committed to provide a platform for budding entrepreneurs, a conducive environment that that will forest the availability of a pool of ideas and a sense of motivation to quickly prepare graduates for the benefit of the society as a whole.


With the help of very distinct academic programs that merge research and internships , He University provides a very unique and exceptional educational experience that opens a lot of doors to infinite rare opportunities after graduation.


Apply to study here and be an integral part of this unique HeUni community.