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3 million+ |Graduation speech by Professor He Wei


A special graducation ceremony

The graduation speech by Professor He Wei exploded the Internet

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Dear students, dear teachers:

How time flies! I remember when I took the brick to communicate with you, it is just like yesterday. This year's graduation ceremony is so special that there is no grand graduation ceremony, no graduation photo under the scorching sun, nor did we threw up our bachelor hat together happily, nor did I have the opportunity to pick up the brick to talk to everyone and did excited Graduation speech.


Today, I want to chat with everyone just like your parents when you leave this campus. 20 years ago, this campus was a wasteland with abandoned buildings, pigpens and bullpens. We said that talents are most needed for the great Chinese dream of national rejuvenation, and we made a firm determination to build He University into a school that will create future talents for national rejuvenation. Today, we did it.


Students, you missed a graduation ceremony in a special period, but you have experienced a rare test in life, because our university motto is basically to train every student to deal with this sudden great changes. In addition to wishing you joy and gratitude for graduation, I still have to worry and miss like a parent, because the life journey you are going to experience is too far to predict changes and difficulties. Moreover,  challenges are waiting for you at any time. In the process of this great change, there are many great opportunities waiting for you to meet and waiting for you to embrace with victory. So, when you are about to leave school and enter the society, I will once again talk about the family routine that I often talk to my own son, that is our school motto:


Dream. Dreams mean a pattern. After you enter the society, will you forget your original intention to enter this campus? After college life, your pattern, your mind, your vision, your efforts, you can win this changeable society. The changeable world gives you a new set of examination papers and exams, you can pass ? Therefore, when you graduate, I may not have so much praise. I may give you more reminder: do not forget the original intention and keep in mind the mission. We must use the responsibilitiesof the students of He University, do not forget the original intention to meet the challenge. Our efforts should  dance in the wind and rain to show our beautiful life.


Thanksgiving. Grateful is about our character. I have told many times. When a person comes to society, there will be a lot of temptations, a lot of difficulties and discomfort, don't forget the people who have helped you. Because the road of your life is still very far away. When you experience your life for a long time, the one who wins in the end must be you who know how to be grateful.

Knowledge. It is not only about how many books you have read. Learning is about asking questions, it is about your ability. The ultimate goal of learning is wisdom, the wisdom to obtain happiness. A person who can't think, a person who can't ask questions, a person who doesn't have rational thinking and he doesn't understand the unity of knowledge and action and can't get the happiness in life.


Perseverance. Its the quality of a person. My sixty years of life tells me that the ultimate victory is not a flexible mind, not those who can talk, but those who stick to the end. When you get to the society, another marathon in life begins. You will find that the final winner is character, and perseverance.


Result. The result is not how much salary and bonus you got when you got a master degree or a doctorate. The result is a value, an altruistic value, a kind of tolerance, a kind of inspiration. So students, history is long, life is short, the universe is big and people are small. When takes a long historical time to think about your life, fame and fortune are like rising. Do not forget your original intentions, gratitude, why you started this extraordinary lifefor the sake of fame, profit and money. When you retire, you should say: I have no regrets, no shame in my life. I am very proud to be a He students who graduated from He University.


Students, everyone sees the background of a family behind me. Today you are going away from home. In order to make up for your graduation ceremony. I hope you will start from this year, any year, in our graduation season and you are welcome to come back. Come to the extraordinary and commemorative graduation ceremony time and time again.


Me, Xiangdong and your teacher are waiting for you to go home. We will miss you very much, our dear He student, please remember this unusual graduation ceremony, remember our home, thank you all.

2020/07/15 14:52