OPTOMETRY (4 years)

Bachelor of Science in Optometry 

Our goal is to nurture and support you as you progress on your journey to becoming an optometrist. This is a program that prepares students for the professional practice of optometry and that focuses on the principles and techniques for examining, diagnosing and treating conditions of the visual system. It includes instruction in the running of eye refraction test, optometry eyesight test, contact eye lens test, binocular vision test, strabismus, amblyopia inspection, visual function rehabilitation and low vision assessment.
Curriculum Structure:
Eye Disease Study, Introduction to Ophthalmology, Optics and Optometry, Eye Dioptrics, Low Vision Study, Visual neurological physiology, Study on Corneal Contact Lens, Study on Spectacles, Study on Medical Devices of Ophthalmology & Optometry, Imageology, Professional English on Optometry, ophthalmic surgery.
Career Prospects:
Many graduates obtain full-time employment in the public and private ophthalmic hospitals; including affiliate hospitals of He's University. Moreover, they can work as the optometrists or teachers in the spectacles-relative industries, research institutes, ophthalmic schools and sight rehabilitation centers.