Two Colleges of He University were approved as Liaoning Province Modern Industry College

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He university actively responds to the national call to further deepen the training of applied talents. After demonstrating by the university’s teaching steering committee, conducting field research on cooperative enterprises, and taking advantage of Bright Town, our university established the College of Innovative Medicine Industry and the College of Visual Science Industry, which were approved by the Liaoning Provincial Department of Education as Liaoning Province Modern Industry College.


College of Innovative Medicine Industry

The college of Innovative Medicine Industry integrates industrial development, student training, teaching, technical services and the transformation of industrial results. It takes the purpose of improving students' innovative and practical ability in the whole industry chain of production of pharmaceutical circulation, pharmaceutical services, big health industry, and drug research and development.




Main achievements
16 scientific research papers have been published, including 4 SCI papers; 

In 2018, the application for Research and Discussion on the Pharmaceutical Practice Teaching System under the "2+1+1 Mode" won the second prize of Liaoning Higher Education Undergraduate Teaching Achievement.

The college of Innovative Medicine Industry encourages teachers to cooperate with enterprises to participate in scientific research projects. At present, our teachers have participated in 973 national projects, one national key research and development plan, 20 provincial and municipal scientific research projects, and applied for 20 patents. He University has obtained scientific research funding of more than 10 million yuan.



College of Visual Science Industry

The College of Vision Science Industry adheres to the principle of educating people, integrating industry and education, industry-oriented and scientifically positioning talent training goals.


College of Vision Science Industry has several directly affiliated eye hospitals and optometry centers as intern bases. It has cooperated with several industry companies to build the largest training and internship center in China. Our college has 30 overseas talents in ophthalmology and optometry and 7 National Eye Optometry and Ophthalmology Group which jointly formed a high-level faculty team.



Main achievements

17 projects of Natural Science Foundation of Liaoning Province;

2 teaching achievement awards of Liaoning Province;

11 patents for research and development of schools-enterprises cooperation ;

56 papers related to scientific research and education.


In the future, He University will further deepen the reform of the talent training model, improve the quality of professional construction, develop school-enterprise cooperation courses, build internship training bases and strengthen the construction of a high-level teachers team.


2021/01/28 08:40