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Due to the special situation of this year, the students in China experienced the postponing of National College Entrance. Then they filled out school applications, received the offers and said goodbye to their parents like always. Through the suffering of the epidemic, the school season for this year with difficulties and hope is like the profound meaning of a time-lapse shot. The long-awaited orientation successfully opened in the beautiful campus under the eager anticipation of the students. The story for the freshers in He University would be put on stage from now on. 



Words to Our New Students


"Hope our new students can master lifelong learning methods, strive to establish solid foundation of all aspects of knowledge, develop a good reading habit and enjoy your precious time in the university". 

----- Guest, Professor Huayong Yang

“Here, our new students have the opportunity to be independent of their families, to think about their own development direction in such a loving community and to do some exploratory research by themselves for the first time. I hope that every single student can keep working on discovering and analyzing problems and exercising their ability to troubleshoot issues".

 ----- Guest, Professor Yang Ye

"First of all, dear students, you have to be grateful for the nuturing of your parents over the past years; secondly, you have to respect  your teachers and be kind to your future classmates and friends; at last, you must ask for truth. I hope that you will study step by step in the university and be a person that is beneficial to our society one day."

----- Guest, Professor Huaqiang Xu

"People are always looking for answers in their whole lives and the University is a place for searching answers efficiently and concentrically. The meaning of growth is to find the optimal solution in each task in the university. I hope that our students could keep asking questions, thinking, choosing whatever you want without fear and chasing your dreams bravely, while working harder on your professions by giving greater answers and ideas."

----- Guest, Professor Sidong Xiong


Flag and Oath. Be Part of He Family



From the moment you took over the college flag, I think you might be touched. It seems that all the past efforts have been recognized and the meaning of inheritance has begun to be understood. Take the flag and take an oath. Since then, you have been branded with the university's mark and you need to have a sense of hornor and responsibility. Starting today, you are in our story. 


"There are unswerving feelings of the country and the consistent mission and responsibility are He University. This is the place where has down-to-earth idealism and students remaining true to their original aspiration. Our dreams will begin here."

----- 2020 Student Representative


Message from ‘Brick’Professor


I believe that you must heard about the story of "brick" and you might be confused about it before. However, now you should understand the brick and the talk is the deepest expectation of the dean. I expect that you can take on this responsibility and remember your original aspiration. What the heart desires, the action will come. Also, I believe that something that stays in your mind will someday spring up in your life. 


Welcome Party for New Students


<Light Show>


Opening Dance <Happy Departure>


Dance <Shadow>


Song with Dance <With You>


International Students Show <Happy>


Chinese Traditional Dance <Student Xiaochun>


Song <Heshi - Mojito>


Modern Dance <Retrograde Angel>


Cantata <A World Filled with Love>


My dear students, starting today, a campus life with full of surprises and rewards has begun. The life path with full of opportunities and challenges has been paved. In this wonderfull time at the Fairy Tale Town, I hope that all of you will let off your colorful youth dreams, carve unforgettable memories and pursue your dreams with all the passions. 




2020/10/20 16:22