2020 Annual Marathon at He University

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There is a kind of youth called running side by side; there is a strength called never giving up; there is a memory called the Heshi Marathon. The annual marathon represents the inheritance of the persistance and perseverance of the students at He University from generation to generation. 2020 Campus Mountain Cross-country marathon with the theme of "Appreciating, Perseverance, Hard Work and Progree" was launched in the Eye Industry Base. 


The marathon was composed of up and down ramps, stairs, wooden bridges and mountains. The difficulty of the competition and the challenge coefficient have been increased, aiming to exercise the students' hard-working and persevering qualities. As the marathon began, the players rushed forward, sweating along the way, as if they were responding to future challenges with a strong and healthy body.


Running is the same as life. If you do not want to stay in place, you can only keep running. Although life is boring, you will feel the wind when you run. Accompanied by shouts and heartbeats, our champion, second and third place reached in the finish line one after another. Even though they were tired, they never took a slow step,nor did their persistence let go. At that moment, there was not only victory ahead, but also youth dreams and hopes for the future. 



Five Kilometers for Men. 


Champion: Yan Junchao, Class of Nursing in 2019


Runner-up: Ma Tianyu, Class of Clinical Medicine in 2019


Third Place: Sun Tongli, Class of Optometry in 2019



Five Kilometers for Women


Champion: Lv Xiaowei, Class of Clinical Medicine in 2017


Runner-up: Han Xiaofeng, Class of Nursing in 2019


Third Place: Zhao Linlin, Class of Vocational Nursing in 2019



Develop sports and enhance physical fitness. The young generation is strong, the country is strong. We firmly believe that the person who provoke impotant tasks in the future must be with a civilized spirit and a strong and healthy body. 


The starting point of the marathon is hte beginning of the dream, and the end is where the victory belongs. The challenges of crossing the hillsides of the highlands also represent the ups and downs of the road of Heshi's Entrepreneurship and education. 


We believe that the students from He University will keep the hardships of the older generation in mind, be grateful, resolute and strive forward. 


2020/10/30 12:43